Thursday, July 19, 2007

What are The Most Important Things for Family?

Today fewer people care about family; people should know how important family is in life. People should believe that family is the most important thing to bring happiness. Also, people have to care about the relationship with their own family, because family can help the person if he feels bad or has a problem. When people want to make a family they should take care about three things: first, their age has to be at least 25 years old; second, the kind of family has to be a traditional family; and third, they should care about the size of family.

First, 25 years old is the perfect age for a person to start a family; after this age people can control their behavior. They can have more responsibility to have a family. Also at this age a person has enough education and knowledge. The person can work to get money to spend this money on his family. For example, when the person becomes 25 years old he is probably finished with school and ready to have a job. In the end age is very important, so people must be old enough when they want to make a family.

Second, family is very important for children and there are many kinds of family. For example, there is a traditional family, which is father, mother and their children, and nontraditional family, which is gay or lesbian. Traditional family is the most common in the world. People should make a traditional family because children need both father and mother. For example, when people want to make a family they should make a traditional family as we have known from hundreds years in the past, and choose their own family from their culture to make their children successful in the future. On the other hand nontraditional family is always doesn’t continue because children need father and mother to take care for them. As a result, traditional family is the best choice to have stability.

Third, the size of family is very important; people should pay attention to this point. Some people have a lot of children, and then they live in poverty; they can’t afford anything to help their family, even if they have a job, but their salary can’t help their family, so the father tries to help his family but he can’t; the children will not get education or knowledge to be successful in the future and help society. On the other hand, some people have just the right number of children, so the father can afford everything these children need to be useful and helpful for their family and for society.

one opposite idea is that 25 years old is too old to have family, and that after high school is the best time; for example, some people have said after high school people have to make family because when people have family they will be protected from bad behavior. In fact this idea is reasonable, because family is good for people, but at this age people don’t have any experience that can support them in having a good family. For example, after high school people haven’t become mature, and don’t have education, so if these people have family at this age they have a big chance to get divorce, then the children will suffer and will not grow up in a good environment. As a result people have to be ready when they want to make a family.

In conclusion, there is no life without family; people have to be more heedful about family is and how family important, especially with what kind of family people should have, when the person becomes old enough to have family, and what size of family is the best.

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